Accurate symptoms of baby boy in pregnancy


Accurate symptoms of baby boy in pregnancy: My ultimate guess would be that you’re already pregnant and you just can’t wait to know about the gender of your baby. Even if you’re in first month of pregnancy, the excitement is real. You must be in a big confusion of whether to paint your baby’s room blue or pink. What color of clothes should I buy? These are great unanswered questions. To ease your excitement, the baby’s gender is decided as soon as the sperm cell meets with the egg.

The baby’s sex organs begin to develop in the 11th week but we have to wait about 4 and a half months to confirm baby’s gender through ultrasound. In this articles we will compare different myths and different verdicts relatable to it. Let me say it first, there is no 100 percent certainty in these Accurate symptoms of baby boy in pregnancy symptoms. There is always a 50-50 chance. Whether you have a boy or a girl, both are a blessing.

Morning Sickness in pregnancy:

According to the old wives tale, that if a woman is pregnant with a boy, she will likely have a less severity of morning sickness. This is also backed by medical studies. The girl babies have high hormonal level which causes high severity of morning sickness and induces vomiting. With boy, you don’t have to worry much in sick department. A study published by The Lancet stated that the mothers who faced high morning sickness are more likely to have girl babies.

Heart Beating in Pregnancy:

The most common myth about the baby’s gender is about the heart rate of the fetus. If the heart rate of the fetus is below 140, the fetus is supposedly a boy. If the heart rate is above 140, it should be a girl. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence behind this statement. According to different studies, it is well known that both boy and girl babies have similar heart rates in earlier stages of pregnancy.

Skin Condition in Pregnancy:

There is a common perception that if a woman has a dry skin, the fetus will be a boy. Now, this statement is not backed by medical evidence but a dry skin is not a thing to ignore for a mother. If you are experiencing dryness, you should take a lot of water. However, studies from The Sun report that the “mums who suffer from acne while pregnant are 90 per cent more likely to give birth to a girl.”

Cravings in Pregnancy:

You will crave salty and savory foods if you are a pregnant with a baby boy. With girls, you will crave desserts.  Different studies have shown that this does not indicated the gender of your baby. It just indicates that the body requires certain type of foods. For example, if the mother craves a salty food, the body is in need of healthy fats.

Cold feet in Pregnancy:

One of the myth that surrounds the sex of the fetus is cold feet. If the mother has cold feet, you’re having a boy. There are many reasons contributing to cold feet. One of the main reason could be is that not much of blood is flowing into your feet. More include neuropathy, anemia etc. It is very important to know about the poor circulation and should be taken care of.The winter season can also make your feet cold.

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