NewBorn Baby care
Newborn Baby care

Newborn baby care

NewBorn Baby care
Newborn Baby care

Let us guess why you are here. You have gone through pregnancy, labor and have given birth to one beautiful human being and we know you already love him the most. Ok, so you are now done with the tough part but wait, there is much more.


As the child comes into this world responsibilities come along. Your newborn the most beautiful baby and we know you care for him and that is why you are here. Newborns don’t come up with manuals or a user guide. The most worrisome part is to keep him smiling and at peace. This article will guide you and will make sure to keep a smile on his face. Here is a quick guide and some do’s and don’ts on how to take care of your most adorable cutie pie.


First 10 Days

These 10 days are so much happening and it seems like all your life is centered around your new ‘delicious munchkin’. You just don’t have to panic or over do things. Try to get used to the routine and develop a sense of understanding with the baby. Try to decode the meanings of those cries, you just have to know what the baby really wants and keep a check on his routine. This will help you in knowing his sleeping and feeding time. So, don’t worry too much about whether you’re doing things right. What matters most is that you spend a lot of time with your new little one while engaging her senses, thus helping the two of you bond, while nurturing her growth.



Handling a newborn

If you are new at this parenting or babysitting job, you must have to know the rules. Play with them, show them all your love but keep in mind that his immune system is not as strong as yours but take a chill pill, you need not to be afraid while touching them. Just be careful. So, here is a list of some dos and don’ts;

  • Wash your hands when there is need to
  • Cuddle them, play with them
  • Support their head
  • Place your baby on her back while sleeping



Babies feed on demand. They are not us who will go the fridge because they are bored so keep a check on their tummy. Nothing is better for your newborn baby than breast milk. Nutritionally speaking, it’s tailor-made for your infant. Unfortunately, sometimes mothers cannot breastfeed, due to medical problems or other special circumstances.No matter how you decide to feed your baby, always be sure to hold your baby while feeding. The cuddling that comes with nursing and feeding helps in building a strong, loving bond between you and your toddler.



Bathing is a challenge for both the parent and the baby. Research suggests that too much bath can cause dry skin and leaves a risk of catching cold. Baby bath is not a normal bath with a podcast or songs in the background, you have to be careful with handling and soaping. Opt for a sponge bath and try having these things with you;

  • a soft, clean washcloth
  • mild, unscented baby soap and shampoo
  • towels or blankets
  • a clean diaper
  • clean clothes



The diapers, of course

Many first-time parents are surprised by how many diapers they go through in a day. To make life easier for yourself, have plenty of diapers at hand before you bring your new baby home. Apply a baby lotion while changing the diapers to avoid diaper rash and its common for babies to get rashes so you don’t have to be too much worried. Just make sure to be quick in changing the diaper so the baby remains happy and playful.


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