What not to do with an autistic child?

What not to do with an autistic child?
What not to do with an autistic child?                                                                          Children suffering from autism require special attention. They have a hard time interacting with people even if they are family members. They do not open up to anyone easily and tend to keep their own company. Autistic children have problems communicating with others and they socially distance themselves. So, it is important to understand how to deal with them and what to avoid.


Be Reasonable, Not Absurd

Since this pattern of behavior develops early on in the child, it is important to be reasonable with them and not force them to speak up or interact. The children affiliated with autism usually develop a relationship with their parents on a slow pace.

It is not common for them to accept social gatherings. Therefore, it is wise to accept them as they are and be reasonable towards their cause. Make them feel like you can understand them.


Think like them, Not like yourself

As a parent or even a social worker, autistic children will not open up to you easily and tell you everything they have on mind. Do not expect them to do so. They think differently and are usually shy from new social interactions.  Try to put yourself in their shoes and think like them. You do not have to do something extraordinary to try and communicate with them.

Do not try excessive exercises to make them speak up. Children are competitive, organize fun and friendly races or art classes and reward them. This will add to their confidence and they will help them speak up to you and other people around them.


Try Visual Gestures

If the children are shy to communicate verbally, it might make sense to show them hand gestures as an alternative. Children are fast learners and visual aids and gestures will help them build their confidence and eventually allow them to speak up.

It is good to practice visual aids with autistic children to communicate with them effectively. Try and talk with the children as much as you can even if they do not response back. Being consistent is important.

Read to them

Children enjoy stories and all sorts of tales. Do not make them sit ideal for longer periods of time. Schedule a reading session every day. Do not take the reading sessions for granted.

This will not only help build the child’s brain but also aid in overcoming the autistic behavior. Reading to children creates a profound bond of trust and affection. It gives them the confidence to read out themselves. It motivates them to write and communicate though words.


Don’t limit them

Autistic children may not be the best at communicating verbally but that does not limit their imaginations. They can still learn how to be better at speaking up. Parents and counsellors should look for methods to obtain the best from the children.

Do not put restrictions on the children on what they should or shouldn’t do. Make them comfortable and happy with whatever they choose to read or play with.


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