Is it Safe to get Pregnant Right After Miscarriage
Is it Safe to get Pregnant Right After Miscarriage

Is it Safe to get Pregnant Right After Miscarriage
Is it Safe to get Pregnant Right After Miscarriage  Source: Unsplash


Is it Safe to get Pregnant Right After Miscarriage?. No doubt that miscarriage is one of the most depressing news a couple can hear. It is really depressing particularly for women, after she has been going through shear difficulties and holding burden for months. Good thing is that you can still get pregnant even after a miscarriage and go on to live a healthy emotional and physical life.

Possible Duration of Next Pregnancy

There is a great possibility that you will be pregnant by the next year of miscarriage. It can take few months more but no more than that. If you are still not pregnant after two to three years of miscarriage, you need to consult fertility specialist.

Now that you know about possible pregnancy by the next year of miscarriage, it is time to answer whether sex right after miscarriage is safe or not.

Avoid Intercourse Initially

Getting pregnant right after miscarriage means that you have intercourse right after miscarriage. It is strongly recommended not to have intercourse in first two to three weeks of miscarriage. It can lead to fatal infection which can also cause permanent infertility.

When two to three weeks have past, you can have intercourse single or multiple times. It is totally safe then and by doing so you will be probably pregnant by next year.

Precautions to Avoid Another Miscarriage

Miscarriage is basically a natural phenomenon and one cannot state exactly what not to do to ensure hundred percent safe delivery, but surely there are some that can minimize risks. If you are a smoker or alcohol consumer, first thing that you need to do is quit it throughout pregnancy period. Smoking is seriously injurious even for a normal person, so just imagine who disastrous it can be for you and your child. Avoid lifting heavy weight and stop doing things that make you stressed or depressed. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and vice versa.

Follow these guidelines and you will surely face no more delivery issues, hopefully. Now you know that pregnancy right after miscarriage is not dangerous and you just have to avoid intercourse for first two to three weeks.

Do consult fertility specialists as they can guide you best consider your particular mental and physical situations. They will also guide you about right time to have intercourse and how to further enhance pregnancy chances and about ways to avoid any mishap in future.

Seeing your children grow in front of you is the best feeling one can ever have. I hope that you God blesses you with this blessing real soon.

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