Fight with Husband Over Parenting There are many reasons why couples fight after marriage but it happens more when they have a child to take care of. Taking care of a child is one of the most difficult things to do, you need to take care of his food, clothing and mostly importantly his moral and ethical values.

In the beginning it’s also difficult to embrace the changes that happens in life after having a child. Everyone has different perspective of teaching and nourishing his baby. Men often tend to give his child all the liberties and luxuries in life, while mothers are more inclined towards teaching his child good morals and tolerance in life.

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Here we are going to discuss some of the reasons why couples fight over parenting.

Lack of Attention

First conflict that can happen between them is that after having a family the personal time for a couple decreases, they give more time to the child and do not often communicate with each other properly, the way they need to do.

It happens more when wife give all the time to the child and ignore some of the duties towards his husband. For a stable relationship, it’s important to communicate with each other, to understand each other and do not take this responsibility as a burden. If they do not communicate properly and do not give time to each other, the fights increase and they don’t even find time to resolve them.

Possessive Attitude by Mothers

Mothers are often more possessive towards her child than father. May be their idea of possessiveness is different and anyhow people say mothers tend to create boundaries for her child to even how he plays, eat or work. While father want him to be self-confident so that he can learn how to take care of himself.

This difference in ideas not only bring fights but it also effects the mentality of child. Seeing his parents fighting is as toxic for a child as anything that effects mental health. It’s important to put some boundaries but also learn that boundaries should not be like a prison for the child. These types of negativeness bring conflict and fights in the family.

Financial Issues

Another important factor that provokes fight is financial problem. Of course, fathers always try to give his child as many luxuries as he can, but sometimes when mothers see that her has something less than other children around, they don’t try to understand what his husband is going through and always complains and fight.

This happens frequently in middle class families in Asian culture, where only one parent is earning. In outside the world, it’s difficult to earn and earn with good means. Families should support the men who are working and should not complain whether their resources are complete or not.

Forcing Decision

But we cannot say that complains by wives only bring fights. There are some scenarios when fathers don’t understand their responsibilities towards their children.

In our culture, choosing profession is not only the person’s choice but parents also sometimes force their child to do something that they don’t want to.

Parents need to understand that their disputes or fights have drastic impact upon physical and particularly mental health.

Kids loose confidence and start keeping things to themselves. Any kind of difference between husband and wife can be resolved with mutual discussion or letting someone decide their disputes upon which they cannot come to any conclusion mutually.

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