Different Parenting Styles Causing Problems
Different Parenting Styles Causing Problems

The type of discipline parents use can have a dramatic effect on children’s development. These different parenting styles can have a huge impact on the relationship between parents and children. As a matter of fact, these different parenting styles can even influence the child’s mood and temperament into adulthood.

Here are typical problems that can be caused by different parenting styles:

  1. Lack of Independence In Parenting Styles

Parents who are always watching and scrutinize their children’s lives end up doing no good despite their good intentions as this sort of overprotection leads to psychological issues. Such type of parenting style is referred to as Helicopter Parenting.

This type of parenting style just makes the children believe that this world is dangerous and it’s better not to do anything. We should allow our kids to make mistakes and draw their own conclusions. They will grow more independent if we give them more freedom.

  1. Feeling of guilt In Parenting Styles

The feeling of undeserved guilt will overwhelm a child. Same goes for the threats concerning bad grades. Saying things like,” We refused ourselves everything for you to have a higher education.” Or “Can’t you study better.”. Your kids will think you mean that they are fools and failures. “To motivate your kid, simply say, “You can do it, try it again!”

  1. Inability to rest and relax completely

“Be serious! Stop goofing around” or“Don’t be such a baby.” Such phrases will create an overly earnest adult who’s never fully relaxed, doesn’t understand children, and hates immature people. Let your child have the greatest time of his life – His Childhood.

  1. Harmful Addictions

If parents always tell their child how many problems he or she causes, the child will conclude that everyone would be better off without him. As a result, the child grows into an adult who subconsciously finds ways to destroy himself: alcohol, smoking, drugs or extreme sports. It is better for your kids if you keep reminding them that you love them just the way they are.

  1. Personal Life Issues

Directives not to trust anyone will lead to the perception that the world is hostile with traps everywhere. The essence of this is that you think your child is too young to understand what’s good for them, so you decide every little thing yourself.

You may be right but if your child lives with constant limitations, they will eventually rebel against them. Also, such grown ups may have serious trust issues.

  1. Suppression of own talent in

If parents frequently use such phrases as, “Don’t be smart with me.” Or “Stop daydreaming.” Their child will have neither his own opinion, initiative, or leadership qualities. As an adult they will probably drown their ambitions in alcohol and other drugs.

  1. Suppression of Emotions

A lack of emotions and sensitivity in parents can’t be ignored by their kid’s subconscious. When frequently told to stop crying or complaining, the child closes in on himself. These suppressed feelings can turn into psychosomatic issues.

  1. Irresponsibility in Parenting Styles

There is a particular type of paranoid, overprotective parents who don’t let their child do anything. This parenting behavior makes a child afraid of making any decisions. Passiveness and irresponsibility also appear.

All these above  mentioned effects can be avoided by cherishing, loving, respecting and understanding our kids. Otherwise, there will be a high price to pay.

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