Conjoined twins what to know?

Conjoined twins what to know?
Conjoined twins what to know?Twins are a form of multiple births, i.e., when a girl gives birth to over one baby at the identical time. Twins occur when over one egg is fertilized or when the identical egg is fertilized over once by one or two sperm, resulting in formation of over one fetus.

Conjoined twins are identical twins who are joined together somewhere within the body. Conjoined twins are monozygotic twins, within the sense that they share the identical zygote. Sometimes, they also share some vital internal organs.

Formation of conjoined twins is believed to be the results of late twinning. When the twinning occurs over twelve days after fertilization of the egg, it should cause formation of conjoined twins because the embryo might not split completely. this might result to genetic or environmental factors.

Conjoined twins also are referred to as Siamese twins, named after the famous conjoined twins, Eng and Chang Bunker from Siam. identical twin births are very rare, amounting to around one birth in every 1,00,000 births.

Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst, famously said because the biddenden maids, are one in all the earliest known set of conjoined twins. The ratio of male and feminine sets of conjoined twins was found to be three to at least one, and that they are found more in certain countries like India or Africa.

Conjoined twins rarely survive due to the complexity of the bodies. Most of them are stillborn or die within day after birth. Conjoined twins may be separated surgically if none of the vital organs are involved.

There are different sorts of conjoined twins, betting on the a part of the body where they’re joined. These are cephalopagus, craniopagus, craniothoracopagus, dicephalus, iscopagus, omphalopagus, parapagus, pygopagus and thoracopagus.

There also are some rare sorts of conjoined twins, like parasitic twins (where one twin isn’t completely formed and depends on the opposite twin to sustain life), and fetus in fetus (where one twin’s fetus is present inside the body of the opposite twin).

Some people consider separation of conjoined twins as unethical if it involves death or disability of 1 of the twins. Conjoined twins, if they survive, can lead healthy lives.

There are instances where conjoined twins have even married and become parents. The famous Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker, fathered twenty-one children in thirty-one years.

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