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Can Pregnancy Pillow Cause Birth Defects?


Can Pregnancy Pillow Cause Birth Defects?

Can Pregnancy Pillow Cause Birth Defects? If you are wondering whether you should go for pregnancy pillow or not, or whether using pregnancy can cause pregnancy defects, you need to go nowhere else as this article is a complete guide.

Hearing pregnancy news surely makes a wave of joy go through the body, but with it comes fears of miscarriage or birth defect.

What are Pregnancy Pillows

Technological advancement has made child delivery not only easy but also quite safe. Pregnancy pillow is one such advancement which is particularly made to be used during pregnancy. Swollen belly, leg craps and continuous need to go to toilet makes it difficult to sleep. Pregnancy pillows are particularly designed to solve this problem.

Overall concept is similar to that of a normal pillow, with the difference in shape and purpose. These pillows are meant to wrap around belly and legs, providing soothing sleep experience by supporting belly and legs.

Are Pregnancy Pillows Necessary?

If you are using your normal pillows to support belly, and are having no noticeable problem, you may not use pregnancy pillows. These are simply an alternative to normal pillows when normal pillows are not serving the purpose of comfort.

Pregnancy Pillows and Birth Defects

Pregnancy pillows are meant to ensure pregnancy comfort and child protection through out the pregnancy period. It would be against its sole design purpose if it had any negative effects on the baby. You just need to buy them from an authentic medical store and get it checked by a doctor.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Generally, there are three types of pregnancy pillows in market. All three of them different in shape and size and you can select one best suitable for you.

  • Full Body Pillows – these pillows are particularly designed to wrap up your whole body. They are quite lengthy and curvy. You will get to know which pillow to place where when you unwrap them as they are designed for each body part.
  • C and J shaped – C shaped pillow is designed to support neck and J shaped wraps around bump and legs, providing comfortable sleep experience
  • Wedge Shaped – If you are on budget then this is best for you. It is a single piece designed to support only your bump. You can also buy wedge shaped pillow designed only to support your back. That is up to you.

Concludingly, you don’t need to worry about birth defects when using pregnancy pillows. They have no negative effect on child and are solely designed to ensure comfortable sleep experience and child protection. I would definitely recommend buying these if you are having sleep or comfort issues when you are in bed. Pregnancy pillows are easily available on medical stores and are quite reasonable in prices. For further satisfaction, before using pregnancy pillows, get them checked by your doctor and ask for further recommendations.

I hope this article was useful let me know about your feedback in comment section and if you have any question, feel free to ask.

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