Can co-parenting work in raising a newborn?

Can co-parenting work in raising a newborn?
Can co-parenting work in raising a newborn? Before finding the answer to the question you are looking for, ask yourself these questions. What is that phase of your life when you need the most affection, care, and attention?

What is that part where you observe the most, learn the most, and grow the most? Without a second thought, our childhood is that time of our life which is to be lived the most and obviously this part is worth making memories.


When a child comes to the world, responsibilities come along. Even if he is born in a slum in Africa or in a royal palace in US, parents are the only ones who can take care of him as he deserves.

Without any complaints, they love the toddler for all his mischiefs, rather they find it cute. They give all their time and attention in making sure that he gets the right nurture and up-bringing.


A healthy mother-father relationship is a backbone in the right upbringing of a child. Rather it is the main factor that has a significant effect on his mental growth.

Newborns and preschool children are the group most adversely affected by the after-effects of divorce, predominantly in the case of weakened parent-child relationships and exposure to parental dispute.

When children are very young, if they are to grow and maintain safe and secure primary attachments with each of their parents, their interactions with both of their parents need to be regular and routine. They need to be protected from exposure to parental conflict.


Co-parenting is a process where two parents strive together to raise a child even though they are divorced or separated.

A single parent can never give his child that up-bringing no matter how hard he struggles for it, how much he or she loves his cutie pie because a newborn needs constant care and attention when it comes to his everyday routine.

His sleep, his clothes, his check-ups, his toys, and his food are the things to be taken care of.


When a baby is born, breastfeeding is what makes him healthy and without a mother, it is not possible. That love, that care, that affection and attention, no one else can but only parents can do for their adorable child.

At the end, it the love of both of the parents that can make a child happy and healthy, both mentally and physically.


Both of the co-parents have unique parenting styles. We can argue on different parenting practices, but what we can always agree on onis how to raise a human –a human who has to live his rest of the life with these childhood memories.


As a father, one can never fully understand or comprehend what it means to hold a child in a body for 10 months.

He can never be able to understand the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding, the work that it takes, the emotional, physical, psychological, and emotional toll that carrying a human can have on the female body.

What co-parenting does is say, we can create balance, a more balanced home, and work-life for everyone involved.

Co-parenting says that while parenting may involve sacrifices, yes, the weight of that sacrifice is not solely resting on one parent alone.

Co-parenting says we can create space and equity, better communication, empathy, I hear you, I see you, how can I show up for you in ways that benefit our family?


Our role as fathers, our role as parents, our value as parents is not dependent on the zeroes at the ends of our cheques but the capacity within our hearts to show up for our families, for the people we love, for our little ones.

Being a co-parent is not only a responsibility, but it’s also an opportunity to give your child that up-bringing, those memories which will stay with him forever.


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