Can autistic child be suspended from school?
Can autistic child be suspended from school?

Can autistic child be suspended from school?

Autism is not a single condition.It’s actually a spectrum of disorders,a spectrum that ranges, for instance,from Justin, a 13-year-old boy who’s not verbal, who can’t speak,who communicates by using an iPad to touch pictures to communicate his thoughts and his concerns, to a boy who is smart enough to multiply two three digit number but struggles to have a conversation.

Can autistic child be suspended from school?
Can autistic child be suspended from school?

Some questions that hover over the mind of the parents are that should my autistic child be sent to school? What if he gets suspended because he cannot cope with the environment in school? What if he hurts someone? What if his condition gets more severe?


Well, for many rational reasons school can be a tough place for the children suffering from autism and without a second thought, the most important is that they lack social and communication skills but… what’s the solution? According to a research, one in 88 children is suffering from autism in UK which gives us an insight that the number of children with this disorder is way too large for real, globally.


What can we do? if autistic child suspend from school

Clearly, we cannot deprive them with the fundamental right of education but we can develop a different approach, a different attitude to deal with such kids in school.Children suffering with autism require special attention. They have a hard time interacting with people even if they are family members. They do not open up to anyone easily and tend to keep their own company. Autistic children have problems communicating with others and they socially distance themselves. So, it is important for the teachers to understand how to deal with them and what to avoid.


Respect their patterns

Teachers can help make a student’s educational life as stress-free as possible by understanding the child’s routine and sticking to it as much as possible. Doing so could very well prevent a meltdown, and unnecessary stress. Consider scheduling each classroom day the same way to form your own classroom routine, as studies have shown that consistent routine benefits all children, not just those on the autism spectrum.


Study them

Keep in mind that every child is different from all the others no matter they are in the same classroom. So, study their behaviors and treat every kid in a different manner. Don’t be rude to them and don’t hurt them with your words or attitude as these kids are highly sensitive.


Don’t limit them

Parents and counsellors should look for methods to obtain the best from the children. Do not put restrictions on the children on what they should or shouldn’t do. Make them comfortable and happy with whatever they choose to read or play with.


Guide them

Be their friends, try understanding them. Think like them and help them with everything they are struggling to do. Be that light that can guide them home.


Give them time

Knowing that these kids are not normal like all others, they require special attention and care. Likewise, they need more time. More time to be better than yesterday, more time to try learning different things. So, teachers should be closer to them and give them all the time they really need.


We as parents, as teachers, as counselors and as humans can be part of the solution to this,because it’s going to take really a lot of us to think about what’s important,what’s going to be a meaningful difference.

As we think about something that’s potentially a solution,how well does it work?Is it something that’s really going to make a difference in your lives, as an individual,as a family with autism?We’re going to need individuals of all ages,from the young to the old,and with all different shapes and sizeof the autism spectrum disorder to make sure that we can have an impact.

So,HELP… to be able to make the lives of individuals with autism so much better and so much richer.

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