Can Attachment parenting Prevent Autism?
Can Attachment parenting Prevent Autism?Autism is a genetic disorder leading to a lack of social interaction and communication in children observed at the age of three.

The interaction of parent and child serves great importance while treating autism. Parental attachment can prove helpful.

Autism cannot be completely prevented by parental attachment; it can only reduce the risk and make the treatment easy.

The parental attachment has a positive effect on such children.

Therapies and further treatments can help and improve but as it is a genetic disorder so these children are different from normal people but they can have worst, mild and good cases depending on the type of autism.

If there are high functioning therapies then attachment parenting can help them to a great extent. Similarly, if low functioning then the impact of parenting will be a bit low.

So, the main theme is that parental attachment is helpful but not enough to completely cure autism. The responsibilities of parents are increased as they need to understand the child’s needs.

Dr. Jonathan Green from University of Manchester, England after performing an experiment in which parents were asked to interact with their children and perform activities so that infants can engage with them and respond which lasted for 5 months in a news conference said:

This experiment provided us with beneficial results and lowered the risk of autism in infants. This provides us with hope and promising results in the future.

In 2014 the same results were observed by the researchers at the University of California. So, this shows that such attachment can prove quite beneficial along with the medication.

Autistic children develop a secure attachment with their parents.

Buitelaar mentioned that autistic children behave the same as normal children on separation from their parents.

Along with positivity these attachments can also affect negatively cause such cases to result in parental stress because of isolation and frustrations created by child behaviors but it can be treated by training the parents and once they are skilled so no problem is left then.

Dr Jonathan Green in another conference stated that if the parents are trained in this regard so children will be provided with 24 hours treatment daily at home which will provide fruitful results along with therapies and medical treatments.

Parents act as co-therapists and have a long-lasting positive impact on children during treatment although it’s not enough for a cure and cannot prevent autism still it’s an integral part of the procedure.

Research and studies are constantly done around the world in the USA, UK, China, etc. to provide treatments involving family and parents.

In a nutshell, it can be said that attachment parenting during early ages of child i-e 5 to 6 months can prove very helpful in the cure of autism because it’s the time when the infant is learning and his only interaction is with his parents so parents need to be trained in this regard so that they can diagnose the symptoms in the start and start working with the professionals to lower the risk of autism in their child.

In an article regarding autism and parental attachment in Times magazine, it is said that if the parents are taught to be in tune with signals of their infants with a higher risk of autism they can bring a slight change in them and the risk can be lowered to a great extent.


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