Can a newborn baby sleep in AC?

Can newborn baby sleep in AC?
Can newborn baby sleep in AC?

Making choices for the newborn baby is not easy. Taking care of the baby is the parents first priority.

Making sure the baby sleeps without any interference is important to both the parents and the baby’s health.

Newborn babies are human beings just like us and they tend to feel hot too. In the summers, it is likely that they become restless due to the heat and start crying more.

It would be safe to let them sleep in Air Conditioning so they do not feel too hot.

Most parents are concerned with their baby’s health and want the best environment for him or her. Newborn babies are generally sensitive to temperature changes so the doctors advise parents to keep them comfortable and indoors.

During the summers, when the temperature rises, the baby starts to feel hot and covering him with warm clothes while he is sleeping, would not be the best option. Always keep an eye on the baby when he’s sleeping so you can check whether he feels hot or not.

Adjust the AC temperature to make sure it is not too cold for the baby. The baby is not used to cold temperatures like adults and can catch a cold quickly if the AC is set at lower a temperature.

Do not put the baby to sleep directly under the AC. When the baby is sleeping it is important to keep a constant check on him. Babies tend to wake up at unusual times during the night and it would be better to place their crib closer to your bed in case they wake up and start crying.

Newborn babies require the most care when it comes to sleeping in AC because their bodies cannot adjust to rapidly changing temperatures.

This may cause them to develop a cold or dehydration or body rash which can be painful for them.

Although it is fine to let babies to sleep in AC, a few necessary steps must be taken to ensure that they do not become dehydrated or develop body aches.

The newborn baby is mostly prone to sickness because of a weaker immune system.

That is why never take him out of the AC directly to the outside where it is hot. This could make him sick and damage his health. Keep the baby’s head covered at all times, when he is sleeping.

If the baby is waking up from his sleep constantly, maybe he is feeling hot. Take his temperature and see if letting him sleep in AC helps. Babies cannot tell whether they feel cold or hot.

That is why keeping an eye on them while they are sleeping and taking their temperature regularly will help you understand better of what the baby is going through.

When the baby is awake outside his room, keep the thermostat to a normal temperature so it does not make him feel hot. Give him enough fluids during the day so that the heat does not make him dehydrated and the baby sleeps fine at night.

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