Are Your not Getting Pregnant after Miscarriage
Are Your not Getting Pregnant after Miscarriage

Are Your not Getting Pregnant after Miscarriage
Are Your not Getting Pregnant after Miscarriage Photo: Unsplash

Miscarriage is surely one of the most depressing ending to beautiful hopes. It really makes you feel depressed, mentally stressed, anxious and sometimes guilty. Good thing is that you can still get pregnant even after a miscarriage and give birth to a sound healthy child.

What to do to get pregnant again?

Normally, miscarriage is once in a life time event. It is very unlikely that you will have another miscarriage following the previous one. According to research done by doctors globally, there is only 20 percent chance of miscarriage if you have already had one. Avoid intercourse in first two to three weeks, to avoid infection, and you will probably be pregnant by next year.

Causes of Infertility in Not getting pregnant after miscarriage

There can be number of reasons of not getting pregnant after miscarriage. You can know your particular reason through a fertility specialist. Here I will discuss some general reasons for such case.

It is not necessary that you are the only cause of infertility, it can be your male partner too. There is a possibility that there your male partner’s sperms are not strong enough for pregnancy and are lacking something. Possible blockage of uterine tubes can also be the cause of infertility. Uterine tubes are also known as fallopian tubes. These tubes connect ovary to uterus and eggs pass through it. A possible blockage in this tube can prevent passage of eggs, eventually resulting in infertility. It is better that you consult fertility specialist to know exact cause.

Visit Fertility Specialist for Not getting pregnant after miscarriage

First thing that you need to know is that who is actually a fertility specialist. Fertility specialist is basically a physician who practice endocrinology and infertility. Being practicing endocrinologist, they have expertise in tackling infertility, identifying cause and treating it. If you are not pregnant even after months of miscarriage you surely need to see one. They will let you know about the exact cause of infertility and will definitely help you get pregnant again.

How to Choose Right Fertility Clinic

Choosing right fertility clinic is going to go be a key decision, as it can cure you or even worsen your situation. You have to be really careful while choosing a fertility clinic. Infertility treatment can be really expensive and you have to check whether you want to go for a particular clinic or not, considering your financial situation.

When you are past that decision, next thing that you need to check is the success rate of particular clinic. There is a website of Central Database which updates data of success rates of fertility clinic annually. Visit that and it will definitely help in finding the right one for you.  You can also ask other people who have gone through the similar process and know about recommendations.

Ending with prayers that God bless you with a beautiful child real soon I hope this article was useful. Let me know about your feedback in the comment section. If you want me to write about a particular topic, feel free to contact me through ‘contact us’ page.

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