Deciding when their family is that the correct size-or how to verify it stays that size-is a non-public decision that lots of girls may find easier to make within the years to come back back.

A New Family Planning Alternative
A New Family Planning Alternative

For women who have decided that they’re doing not want from now on children and feel ready for a permanent type of contraception, “getting your tubes tied,” or ligation, isn’t from now on the only real option. A new office-based procedure called the Essure procedure is quickly replacing the old operation and is roofed by most insurance plans. During the procedure, a tiny, soft spring, called a micro-insert, is placed into each salpinx.

The body’s natural response causes tissue to grow into the micro-inserts, blocking sperm from reaching the egg. This tissue growth takes about three months and additional contraception must be used during now.

After three months, a special X-ray test verifies that the system is functioning. Choosing this advanced procedure offers many benefits. There aren’t any incisions, it doesn’t contain hormones, it should be performed during a doctor’s office with minimal anesthesia and it’s permanent.

The procedure takes about quarter-hour to complete and most ladies return to normal activities within daily or two.

More than 63,000 women worldwide have already had the procedure and clinical studies have reported high safety and patient satisfaction. After some years of the clinical study, no pregnancies are reported when the micro-insert is placed correctly. While no method of contraception is 100% effective, the procedure’s effectiveness rate is 99.80 percent with four years of clinical data.

“We finally have how for a woman that’s comparable in simplicity, accessibility, and safety to vasectomy in men,” said Dr. Barbara Levy, a national expert in endoscopic surgery practicing in Seattle. “Although the complications of surgical ligation are uncommon, once they occur they’ll be life-threatening.

The rare deaths associated with ligation were unacceptable in my mind.” Another advantage for busy mothers is that the procedure eliminates the time spent recovering from surgery.

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